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WWE SmackDown spoilers (Nov. 6, 2018): Shane's the 'Best', Survivor Series build, more!

WWE SmackDown spoilers (Nov. 6, 2018): Shane's the 'Best', Survivor Series build, more! Today is one of those magical days when ...

WWE SmackDown spoilers (Nov. 6, 2018): Shane's the 'Best', Survivor Series build, more!

Today is one of those magical days when WWE is in Europe and we get some information in advance which helps us decide if we want to spend two hours with WWE (or more, if you count 205 Live & Mixed Match Challenge) on Tuesday (and Wednesday) night.

Team Blue is coming to us from the same place the red brand did last night - England’s Manchester Arena. Thanks to the five hour time difference between the United Kingdom and the East coast of the U.S. of A., that means advance reports about what goes down on a show which is scheduled to feature the fallout of Shane McMahon’s World Cup win, SmackDown’s responses to the Survivor Series moves Raw and its champions made last night, and more!

We'll still be watching along with our usual live blog tonight, which will of course cover any segments not shown to the fans in attendance, but more importantly feature Reverend Claire Elizabeth’s unmatched play-by-play. You can join the fun at 8PM Eastern here.

Spoilers will updated here as they come in after 2PM Eastern, so keep refreshing for the latest:

- Shane McMahon and Paige are out first, with the World Cup trophy in the ring. Shane is roundly booed, Paige wildly cheered... mission accomplished! The GM referring to the commissioner as the “Best in the World” gets a CM Punk chant. Shane says he may not be the Best in the World and admits he acted impulsively at Crown Jewel. The trophy belongs to SmackDown, not to him.

- Daniel Bryan is announced as the captain of SmackDown’s men’s team. Miz comes out shortly after that reveal, wearing a suit and limping a bit to sell his injury from Riyadh. Miz wants to be captain, and Shane agrees? They’re co-captains!

- Two matches announced for later: Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade Almas, and New Day vs. The Usos with the winner getting to captain a Survivor Series tag team-team.

- Backstage, Miz and Bryan both agree that Shane should be on the team. We’re supposed to get the final two members announced before the end of the show.

- The Usos def. The New Day in what’s being called another great match in their already legendary rivalry. Jimmy & Jey will captain the blue brand’s squad. Their first act is to name New Day to the team.

- Bryan wants to put Rey on the SS team, and Miz agrees... provided he “impresses” the A-Lister when he faces Cien later. The two captains will also each pick someone for a match later, and the winner of that match will get the final spot.

- THE CHAMP IS HERE. Becky Lynch wants to know who the hell Ronda Rousey thinks she is to tell The Champ anything. You hold a championship, but you’re not one - yet. Lynch says she wasn’t hand picked like Ronda, but here she is. Rousey hasn’t been tested yet, but when she faces The Man, her body will be let down by her “weak” mind. Becky wants a fight tonight, and she’s gonna get one... NIKKI CROSS IS HERE! She’s out with SAnitY for a non-title match.

- Becky Lynch def. Nikki Cross via submission with Dis-Arm-Her in ~5 minutes; some on Twitter described it as “not a squash”, others said “Yikes”, so...

- For the final SS men’s team spot, Miz picks Samoa Joe and Bryan picks Jeff Hardy. That match is tonight, as well.

- Shinsuke Nakamura is shown on the Titantron talking about his match with Seth Rollins.

- Rey Mysterio def. Andrade “Cien” Almas. Almas did not have Zelina Vega with him for what was said to be a good match.

- Randy Orton shows up to RKO Rey afterwards. Miz confirms Mysterio is on the team.

- Paige will reveals the women’s team later. She also announces a (likely dark match) main event of Miz & Orton vs. Bryan & AJ Styles.

- AJ cuts a promo on Brock from the ‘tron.

- The SmackDown Women’s Survivor Series team is...Carmella, Naomi, Sonya Deville, Asuka and Charlotte Flair. Charlotte doesn’t come out, instead we get Mandy Rose wanting to know why she’s been overlooked. This leads to a staredown between Mandy and Sonya, but no Charlotte.

- Samoa Joe def. Jeff Hardy via submission with a Coquina Clutch in “relatively short order” to claim the final SS spot.

- Bryan is out, I guess to congratulate/confirm Joe as a teammate, and they end up brawling with DB getting the best of it. Miz comes out and gets involved, which brings out Shane to break things up. McMahon ends up being taken out by Bryan, and that’s the show.

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