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Why the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Hair Will Be More 'Natural' and 'Undone' Than Ever Before

Why the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Hair Will Be More 'Natural' and 'Undone' Than Ever Before Feathery wings. Million...

Why the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Hair Will Be More 'Natural' and 'Undone' Than Ever Before

Feathery wings. Million dollar bras. Bombshell waves. These three things have become synonymous with the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. But this year, lead hairstylist Anthony Turner is flipping the script on the looks you’ll be seeing hit the catwalk.

While the voluminous, sexy, curled style has become a staple for models, Turner is all about effortless, undone hair for the 2018 show.

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“I think this is the most undone the hair has ever been and the most we’ve ever taken it,” Turner tells PEOPLE exclusively. “We wanted it to feel very natural and very real. We’re not trying to make them so uniform. Instead we’re playing with each girl’s own hair texture and making them better versions of themselves.”

Instead of bouncy curls, Turner calls this year’s look a “downtown rock chick bend” with a Kate Moss-inspired vibe.

“When I saw the casting, I said, ‘Listen. You have the most amazing lineup of models I think you’ve ever had â€" let’s embrace that with the hair as well.’ So we’re keeping the girls as they are and celebrating them as individuals,” Turner says.

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To achieve the slightly separated, loose bend (going from just the mid-lengths to the ends), Turner is relying on the Conair Infiniti Pro 2-in-1 Styler, which works as both a curling iron and flat iron, and prepping the models’ ends with the L’Oréal Professionnel Full Volume Mousse.

Turner adds that many girls will be walking without blowouts altogether. “Chey Carty has a beautiful halo of curls and instead of blowing it out and putting extensions in and making it va-va voom, we’re keeping it exactly as she is because she looks beautiful,” he says. “We’ve often seen everybody under this bombshell umbrella, but we’re not doing that this time.”

In previous years, the models often wore their hair in more defined blown out, bouncy bombshell waves, but the looser look really started taking shape in 2016. Beachwaver founder Sarah Potempa was the mastermind behind the models’ hair that year, and told PEOPLE she was aiming for a softer wave.

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“We’re just creating a nice, loose tousled wave this year,” Potempa told us. “And we also want the girls just to look naturally beautiful. It’s all about getting those gorgeous waves that everybody feels really beautiful in. It’s really kind of creating this look that looks iconic and you can recreate it with The Beachwaver.”

She added that while she still was going for the signature Victoria’s Secret va-va-voom volume, she wanted a subtle bend for a chic style.

“The waves are going to be more polished, a really healthy wave with a lot of volume, but more French chic, so you’ll see a little more of a beautiful, modern type of blowout,” Potempa said. “You’re still going to get that volume, but you’re going to see more of a wave.”

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will air Dec. 2 at 10 p.m. EST on ABC.

Source: Google News US Entertainment | Netizen 24 United States

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