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Live Genesee County election results for November 2018 midterm

Live Genesee County election results for November 2018 midterm GENESEE COUNTY, MI-- The Tuesday, Nov. 6 midterm elections has a number of lo...

Live Genesee County election results for November 2018 midterm

GENESEE COUNTY, MI-- The Tuesday, Nov. 6 midterm elections has a number of local seats and proposals that voters decided on at their polling locations.

Some of the races on Tuesday included state House and Senate seats as well as county commissioner seats, circuit court judges and millage and bond proposals.

Here is a look at the election results as they roll in. For more information on elections in Genesee County, see the county clerk's live updates.

Precincts reporting: 100 percent

County Commissioner, District 1

Bryant W. Nolden, Dem-- 11,827 votes

County Commissioner, District 2

Brenda Clack, Dem-- 9,937 votes

Gina Luster, Green-- 1,181 votes

County Commissioner, District 3

Gerald R. Cross, Rep-- 5,795 votes

Ellen Ellenburg, Dem-- 10,136 votes

Anthony O'Neal Wilson, Write in-- 0 votes

County Commissioner, District 4

Kim Courts, Dem-- 11,918 votes

County Commissioner, District 5

Brian Holyfield, Rep-- 10,064 votes

Mark Young, Dem-- 11,769 votes

County Commissioner, District 6

Shaun Shumaker, Rep-- 12,620 votes

Greg Curtiss, Dem-- 8,669 votes

County Commissioner, District 7

Donald Rockey, Rep-- 8,644 votes

Martin L. Cousineau, Dem-- 11,061 votes

County Commissioner, District 8

Ted Henry, Dem-- 16,293 votes

County Commissioner, District 9

David W. Martin, Rep-- 10,118 votes

Bobbie Clayton Walton, Dem-- 9,801 votes

Judge of Court of Appeals 2nd District 6 Year Term

Elizabeth Gleicher-- 94,429 votes

Kathleen Jansen-- 98,335 votes

Deborah A. Servitto-- 91,857 votes

Judge of Circuit Court 7th Circuit Incumbent Position

Celeste D. Bell-- 78,824 votes

Tabitha M. Marsh-- 53,381 votes

Judge of Circuit Court 7th Circuit Non-Incumbent Position

Chris Christenson-- 60,759 votes

Elizabeth Kelly-- 71,963 votes

Richard F. McNally-- 35,274 votes

Brian S. Pickell-- 71,662 votes

Mott Community College Board of Trustee, no more than 3

Loyce Driskell-- 45,336 votes

Andy Everman-- 50,513 votes

Michael Freeman-- 80,727 votes

Matthew Norwood-- 67,841 votes

Rafael Turner-- 48,361 votes

Montrose City Mayor

Colleen Brown-- 298 votes

Greg Ward-- 294 votes

Beecher School Board, vote no more than 3

Joyce Jackson-- 1,400 votes

Reginald Mays-- 1,046 votes

Marvin Smoot-- 1,341 votes

Shelia Thorn-- 945 votes

Roshawnda Williams-- 1,130 votes

Birch Run School Board, vote no more than 2

Katharine Barnum-- 29 votes

Rebekah Hornak-- 19 votes

Cynthia Parker-- 39 votes

Clio School Board, vote no more than 3

Denise Frappier-- 4,240 votes

Laurie Heath-- 4,347 votes

Lydia Heine-- 3,796 votes

Robert Love-- 3,773 votes

Nicole Ford-- 0 votes

Davison School Board 6 year term, vote no more than 2

Megan Avery-- 4,608 votes

Karen Conover-- 5,586 votes

Todd Ferguson-- 5,391 votes

Brooke Rutledge-- 1,725 votes

Matthew Smith-- 5,565 votes

Davison School Board partial term ending Dec. 31, 2020, vote no more than 1

Peter Ponzetti-- 1,119 votes

Michelle Sparks-- 3,630 votes

Granger Stefanko-- 4,712 votes

Daniyle Weir-- 2,059 votes

Grand Blanc School Board, vote no more than 2

Casey Crowley-- 7,319 votes

Curtis Jablonski-- 10,254 votes

Marty Ray-- 7,463 votes

Anoopa Todd-- 5,989 votes

Swartz Creek School Board, vote no more than 3

Bradley Anthony-- 3,442 votes

Alicia Gardner-- 6,621 votes

Tony Jones-- 3,690 votes

Chuck Melki-- 3,880 votes

Brian Sepanak-- 6,000 votes

Genesee County Health Care Services Millage Renewal

Yes-- 111,351 votes

No-- 51,085 votes

Fenton City Road Millage Increase

Yes-- 2,153 votes

No-- 2,722 votes

Grand Blanc City Fire Protection Millage

Yes-- 2,594 votes

No-- 1,227 votes

Montrose City Proposal To Regulate Medical Marihuana Facilities

Yes-- 316 votes

No-- 289 votes

Montrose City Public Safety Millage

Yes-- 308 votes

No-- 290 votes

Linden City Road Millage

Yes-- 963 votes

No-- 989 votes

Montrose Township Fire Equipment Millage

Yes-- 1,541 votes

No-- 874 votes

Montrose Township Fire Operating Millage

Yes-- 1,551 votes

No-- 887 votes

Kearsley Schools Sinking Fund Millage

Yes-- 4,412 votes

No-- 2,600 votes

Montrose Schools Sinking Fund Millage

Yes-- 1,702 votes

No-- 1,471 votes

Swartz Creek Schools Bonding Proposal

Yes-- 6,693 votes

No-- 5,290 votes

Source: Google News | Netizen 24 United States

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