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Election Day 2018: What you need to know before heading to the polls

Election Day 2018: What you need to know before heading to the polls SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Election Day 2018 has finally arrived. The p...

Election Day 2018: What you need to know before heading to the polls

SAVANNAH, GA (WTOC) - Election Day 2018 has finally arrived.

The polls will open across the country Tuesday morning at 7 a.m. for Americans to cast their ballot in these high-stake midterm elections.

This year’s midterms are the first nationwide contests since President Donald Trump won an upset victory over former Secretary of State and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in 2016. Many, including the president, see this election as a referendum on his time in office.

Whatever party you’re casting your vote for on Tuesday, there’s a lot to keep in mind before heading to the polls - like what to bring, what to leave at home, and where to go.

Some important information that voters need to keep in mind is, first, make sure you know your appropriate polling location. Once you get there, you’ll need to bring an acceptable form of identif ication to cast your ballot in both Georgia and South Carolina.

In Georgia:

In South Carolina:

We’ve seen a major jump in early voting numbers across the country, including here in Chatham County. Even though many have already cast their ballot, those with the Chatham County Board of Registrars say to allow yourself enough time to vote and be patient on Tuesday.

Remember, you cannot use your cell phone inside any polling location. You can take as many selfies as you want with your “I Voted” sticker, but in Georgia, you’re not allowed to take pictures of your ballot.

Also, once you get to the end of your ballot, be sure to review it before you submit it. Make sure you look over the final summary screen at the end that shows you all the votes that you’re about to cast. Make sure your choices are accurate before you press “Cast Ballot.”

Remember, campaigning is not allowed at polling locations - that includes wearing t-shirts or hats with your favorite candidate on them.

The polls will be open on Tuesday, Nov. 6 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

If you are in need of a ride to the polls, there are several options to get you there. Ride sharing apps like Uber and Lyft are offering free or discounted rides to polling places. For Uber, use the promo code “Vote 2018” to get $10 off.

Lyft will take 50-percent off your ride, but it’s a little more complicated. Visit Buzzfeed and put your zip code into a special page to get your promo code. For Chatham County, the code is “VOTEGA1.”

A local group in Chatham County is also offering free rides to the polls. The Savannah NAACP branch will offer rides from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. All you have to do is call 912-233-4161 to request a ride.

And as for the weather - WTOC Meteorologist Cutter Martin put together this Election Day forecast outlook:

Voters can expect long lines if heading to the polls Tuesday, so make sure you plan ahead. Here was the line at the Coastal Cathedral Church of God in Berwick just after the polls opened at 7 a.m.

For additional Election Day 2018 information and resources, click here.

Source: Google News | Netizen 24 United States

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