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Cardiologist accused of racism after 'slamming patient for not speaking English'

Cardiologist accused of racism after 'slamming patient for not speaking English' Yahoo7 News 6 November 2018 A family who filmed a h...

Cardiologist accused of racism after 'slamming patient for not speaking English'

Yahoo7 News

A family who filmed a heated encounter during a doctor’s visit has accused the cardiologist of racist behaviour, after he allegedly criticised the patient for speaking Spanish.

Yuset Galura and her daughter had accompanied Ms Galura’s mother, Maria Ramirez, to Pulse Cardiology in San Bernardino, California, where the alleged behaviour occurred, news outlet KTLA5 reported.

“As soon as the d octor walked in the room, she asked him if he spoke Spanish and that was all it took for him to snap and start insulting her about speaking Spanish, being in this country and not knowing his language,” Ms Galura said.

The patient and her daughter were among family members to protest over the doctor’s alleged behaviour. Source: KTLA 5

A video of the heated discussion between Ms Galura and physician Paul Ryan has been viewed more than 180,000 times on Facebook.

In the footage, Ms Galura can be heard telling Dr Ryan, “You don’t need to do nothing but to tell me what’s wrong with her, if she’s ok, if she’s not… then I’ll translate to my mother. Y

†œYou don’t need to tell me that she needs to learn English so you can communicate.

“Communicate through me and I’ll let her know.”

“It’s not the same,” the doctor can be heard responding in the footage.

Footage of a heated discussion has been viewed more than 180,000 times since it was shared online. Source: Felicia Simpson/ Facebook

The family said they were left in shock after the discussion.

The granddaughter of the patient wrote in a Facebook post: “It’s one thing if he didn’t want the medical information to get all mixed up if my mom translated to my grandma, but that wasn’t the case … his ONLY issue was that my grandma doesn’t speak ‘his’ language.”

Pulse Cardiology said in a statement to KTLA5 that it is conducting an independent investigation into the reported incident involving Dr. Ryan.

It added that he is not currently seeing patients at either of their clinics.

“The reported incident does not reflect the values of Pulse physicians, assistants and administrators,” the statement reads.

“Since its inception three years ago as the Inland Empire’s premier cardiology practice, Pulse has proudly served all patients regardless of nationality with a diverse staff that is fluent in several languages, including Spanish.”

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Source: Google News | Netizen 24 United States

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