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A new 'Captain Marvel' revelation supports the most heartbreaking 'Avengers 4' theory

A new 'Captain Marvel' revelation supports the most heartbreaking 'Avengers 4' theory We already knew that the Captain Marve...

A new 'Captain Marvel' revelation supports the most heartbreaking 'Avengers 4' theory

We already knew that the Captain Marvel origin story would be set in the 90s, offering us a different look at Marvel’s world, well before the recent events that culminated in the massive showdown between the Avengers and Thanos. But a new revelation tells us exactly when the Captain Marvel film will be situated in Marvel’s timeline, which may turn out to be a massive detail for the upcoming Avengers 4 film that will follow Captain Marvel at the box office next year. The new revelation also props up a recent Avengers 4 fan theory that happens to be the most heartbreaking possible scenario we’ve seen so far.

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Actress Brie Larson, who will play Captain Marvel in several MCU movies starting with the origin story, posted the following message on Twitter on Monday to encourage fans to go out and vote today:

In it, you can see Larson In Captain Marvel attire, hacking a phone in a public phone booth that’s surrounded by “Rock The Vote” ads. There’s also a “Thursday, August 29th” date seen promoting some show (in the right bottom corner of the picture). These details were enough for MCU Cosmic to conclude that the film is likely set around 1992, a period that happens to be crucial for the events in the MCU all the way up to Avengers 4.

MCU Cosmic explains that August 29th landed on a Thursday only twice in the 90s, in 1991 and 1996. But the “Rock the Vote” posters that surround the booth are part of an MTV campaign that preceded the 1992 elections.

A few days ago, we talked about the most heartbreaking Avengers 4 theory to date, one that suggests Captain Marvel will explain the evolution of Nick Fury from a SHIELD desk job all the way to the top of the organization. The idea is that Fury may be given details about the future to arrange various events in the MCU in the precise order they’ve happened in the films so far. That way, the Avengers will walk on this particular path that happens to be the only way to defeat Thanos.

Doctor Strange would play a central role in all of this, as he’d travel to various places in time to make sure the events happen just as they need to happen.

But the theory’s most intriguing detail concerns Tony Stark and his parents, who happened to have died in 1991. The theory suggests that Tony may be the one to sacrifice them to obtain a version of the Soul Stone which he’d need for the Avengers to make their own Infinity Gauntlet.

This is just a fan theory â€" more details are available at this link â€" but the confirmation that Captain Marvel takes place in the early 90s is essential nonetheless. We may not see Doctor Strange or Tony-from-the-future in Captain Marvel, but the film will undoubtedly tell us what happened to Fury in the past and why Captain Marvel left Earth. It’ll also deliver the final puzzle pieces ahead of Avengers 4. Of course, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Doctor Strange in the credits scenes of Captain Marvel.

Finally, Captain Marvel will most likely explain why Fury will end up beeping Captain Marvel at the end of Infinity War. It’s a pager he could have used at any point in the previous years to signal for help. He didn’t, because he probably knew he’d need it for one particular event in the future.

Captain Marvel premieres on March 8th next year, almost two months before Avengers 4. A new trailer for the film may be released in the coming weeks.

Image Source: Marvel StudiosSource: Google News US Entertainment | Netizen 24 United States

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