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Is Steve King in trouble?

Posted by On October 31, 2018

Is Steve King in trouble?

The political winds are shifting when it comes to Iowa Republican Rep. Steve King. But the question isâ€"is the shift enough to dislodge him from the rural district he's held safely for years?

Tuesday brought the latest spate of bad news for Kingâ€"National Republican Congressional Committee chairman Steve Stivers disavowing him by declaring he must "stand up against white supremacy and hate."

The direct statement was a rare reprimand of King, who has for years has been a lightning rod of outside criticism but hasn't drawn much scrutiny from inside his own party. Instead, he's long been seen as a conservative kingmaker in his state's pivotal presidential caucus and was recently praised by President Trump during a rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Shortly after Stivers's statement, King tweeted a response that won't likely quell any criticism:

"Americans, all created equal by God, with all our other races, ethnicities and national origins-legal immigrants & natural born citizens, together make up the Shining City on the Hill. These attacks are orchestrated by nasty, desperate, and dishonest fake news. Their ultimate goal is to flip the House and impeach Donald Trump. Establishment Never Trumpers are complicit."

Democrats have long tried to beat King at the ballot box, but have had no luck in the deep red district. King won his 2016 reelection by 22 points.

By all accounts, King should have a tougher time defending his seat in 2018.

Democrat J.D. Scholten has significantly outraised and outspent King this cycle. And the Democrat has been the only campaign up on the airwaves, where he's been running spots criticizing King's spending of taxpayer dollars and where self-described Republicans criticize King as "divisive" and "angry" while promising to vote for Scholten.

Corporate donors are beginning to buck him as well, with Land O'Lakes issuing a statement promising to stop donating to King.

It's hard to handicap his odds in such a rural district where there's been limited polling,

The nonpartisan Cook Political Report shifted his race to "lean Republican" after a Democratic poll found Scholten down by just 1 point, pointing to Scholten's massive fundraising advantage and King's penchant for controversy.

But King's campaign released its own internal polling this week showing him with an 18-point lead over Scholten among likely voters.

Uncertainty abounds as to whether this conservative district could possibly turn blue. But even with Scholten the clear underdog, with so many dynamics trending against King, it's possible that this will be the Democrats's best shot for a long time.

Source: Google News | Netizen 24 United States

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