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3 Zodiac Signs The July 2018 Blood Moon Will Affect The Most

3 Zodiac Signs The July 2018 Blood Moon Will Affect The Most 3 Zodiac Signs The July 2018 Blood Moon Will Affect The MostByCrystal Duan a da...

3 Zodiac Signs The July 2018 Blood Moon Will Affect The Most

3 Zodiac Signs The July 2018 Blood Moon Will Affect The MostByCrystal DuanFotolia

We humans have had quite the eventful summer this year. It's been a bustling season for lots of cosmic energy, what with two partial eclipses of the sun and one total lunar eclipse of the moon. Those always herald new energy in our lives and decision making.

Thus, if you thought Cancer season was a doozy, hang onto your hats on July 27. That's when the real party starts. We'll be getting a blood moon in the form of a total lunar eclipse, which entails big, angrier moods. And yes, the July 2018 blood moon will will affect certain signs more than others.

We got a sneak peek of moons messing with us this month when the July 12 new moonhit with a partial solar eclipse. As it happened during Cancer season, we were hit with a lot of desire for stability and homely comforts. But if the Cancer new moon meant we were a lot more sensitive, this blood moon means we might feel a bit more combative.

The blood moon and total lunar eclipse at the end of the month will last one hour and 23 minutes. It is also mainly influenced by Mars in retrograde. The moon and Mars will be conjunct in the same sign of Aquarius as well â€" and these facts mean the universe is stirring up our inner warrior and penchant for passion, according to Astrology King.


"Moon conjunct Mars is the strongest influence on the lunar eclipse and will make you feel strong, sexy and brave," the site says. "Your quick instincts and fighting spirit can be used to defend your home and family. However, it will be difficult to control your strong emotions. If you start to feel irritable, impatient, bossy or mean, it is a signal that you need to back off and try to relax."

Particular signs will have a harder time maintaining emotional control during the blood moon â€" in particular, Aquarius, Capricorn, and Leo. Read on to see how you can make the most of this season.



The moon and Mars in retrograde are both taking over your sign. You're usually a quirky, detached, and carefree soul. But this season, you may find yourself more eager to pick a fight and feeling more dramatic than usual. Your usual outer planet influences will be harshly aspecting Mars, making for a lot of inner tension for your sign.

Try to meditate during this time â€" it will help you syndicate all of those confusing, angry urges you'll likely experience during the moon.



Mars is strongly influencing the blood moon, but it also happens to be in retrograde â€" which means it's moving backwards through the zodiac into your sign. Considerin g the moon's also transitioning from Capricorn into Aquarius for the blood moon, you will feel both of these large forces urging you to make a change. And you, Capricorn, don't like uprooting the habits you've established for success.

But this blood moon season, try to practice the art of letting go and letting it all be. Your natural earth tendencies are to control your environment, but that's not going to fly this month.



The moon and Mars both being in Aquarius means they will be opposite your sign. But never fear â€" this blood moon business is all happening while the sun is in Leo. It's your birthday season, so you'll inevitably feel some energy coming your way. You may even start evaluating the impact you have on the world around you, and be more anxious to do something about it.

Lucky for you, Leos are the doers of the zodiac â€" so take advantage of the energy this month to make a positive change in your life that you may have been waiting for the right moment for ages. The cards are in your favor this month â€" take advantage of the passionate energy waves and ride them to your success!

Source: Google News US Science | Netizen 24 United States

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